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How do I add a match to a Tournament

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An Orion Tournament is simply an online grouping of Matches. Typically a tournament is a set of matches that have something in common. For example, each month Orion creates a tournament comprising of the five Monthly Virtual Matches. Participants can then go to the Tournament Page within the Result Center and view all five Virtual Match results on a single page.

Any Orion for Clubs user may create a tournament. Any Orion for Clubs user, with permission from the creator, may add a match to a tournament.


Adding a Match to a Tournament

  1. Open Orion.
  2. Create or open the Match you want to add to a Tournament.
  3. Open Match Properties by clicking on Match and then Match Properties.
  4. Click on the Result Center tab.
  5. Under Tournaments put a checkmark next to each Tournament you want the opened Match to belong to.
  6. If you do not see the Tournament you either do not have permission to join it, or the Tournament's End Date is in the past.

  7. Click the Save button.

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