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Glossary of Terms

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  • A League is a group of teams that competes against each other in a series of games. The winner of the league is the team with the best win-loss record.
  • A Team is one participant in the league. Teams are always associated with an Orion for Clubs customer.
  • A Game is one match between two teams.
  • A Local Game is a game where both teams compete shoulder-to-shoulder at the home team's range.
  • A Virtual Game is a game where each team competes from their own range. Orion merges the results online.
  • The Schedule is the complete set of games in the league. Typically each team shoots one game a week.
  • A team's Record is the accumulated number of wins and losses within the league. Teams are ranked according to their respective records.
  • The League Administrator is in charge of the league. He or she adds teams to the league, creates the schedule, and manages the games.