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Orion found fewer shots, in a multi-shot hole, than actually made up the group?

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In certain circumstances, it is possible for Orion to interpret a multi-shot group of having been created by fewer shots than actually made up the group. For example a two shot shot hole gets interpreted as having only one shot, or a three shot shot hole gets interpreted as having only two shots. Orion is designed to detect multiple shots on a target even when those shots overlap. However, this problem can come up when a shots are very close together, there is excessive tearing, or the athlete fired more shots on the target than expected.

Whenever this error occurs, the stat officer (Orion user) should make a manual correction.

Step 1: Removing the erroneous shot holes.

Typically, but not always, the fewer than expected number of shots that Orion does find in a multi-shot hole are obvious errors and need to be removed.

  1. Click on the 'Match Scoring' tab, and select the target with the misinterpreted multi-shot hole.
  2. Zoom in on the misinterpreted shot hole by double clicking on the aiming bull number button, located near the center column in the Match Scoring tab.
  3. Remove the shots that are obvious errors. Remove a shot by either:
    • Holding down the shift key and double-clicking near the center of the scored shot.
    • Selecting the shot with your mouse (shot hole will turn red), right clicking and selecting "Remove Shot."

Step 2 (Option A): Manually Add the Shots

Manually adding the shots means Orion will use the exact location of your mouse to add a shot on the target. Do this step for each actual, not yet identified, in the multi-shot hole.

There are two ways to add a shot.

  • Hold down the 'Alt' key then double click at the center of the shot hole.
  • Right click at the center of the shot hole, in the menu select "Add a Shot" and then "Real Shot."

Step 2 (Option B): Identify the Multi-Shot Hole

Identify the Multi-Shot hole means you will tell Orion exactly how many shots are in the shot hole, and Orion will use its scoring algorithm to find each shot. Due to the processing requirements Orion may take additional time to complete this task. Only perform this option if all shots in the group were previously removed (Step 1).

  • Right click near the center of the shot group, in the menu select "Identify a Shot" and then select the appropriate number of shots.

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