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How do I set up Orion's Shooter Database to track CMP Competitor Numbers?

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The Orion "shooter database" has two goals. First, to allow users to keep a list of shooters who frequently shoot at your range. Second, to track and analyze shooter performance over time. Orion allows users to configure the tracked fields for each shooter, allowing individual users to determine important statistics for clubs and teams.

Teams that actively participate in National Three Position Air Rifle Council competitions can benefit from tacking shooter's CMP Number. By entering a shooter's CMP Number in the shooter database, Orion can be configured to automatically populate the shooter's competitor number with their CMP number.

To track CMP Numbers within the Orion Shooter Database:

  • Click on 'Database', and then 'Database Properties.'
  • Select the 'Memberships' tab.
  • Put a check mark next to 'CMP Competitor ID.'
  • Click 'Save.'
  • A new column, "CMP Competitor ID" will now be shown in the Shooter Database.

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