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How can I transfer the shooter information in my Shooter Database to another Orion user?

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Orion's Shooter Database is a tool to help maintain contact and competition-related information on the most common competitors in a club. Using the Shooter Database can quickly add shooters to new matches. It is therefore beneficial to keep a complete and up-to-date list of all these shooters.

Often the same set of shooters will compete at different competitions hosted by different clubs. Since the group of shooters is largely the same, these clubs may want to share their Shooter Databases to help ease the data entry burden. This is often the case in multi-team leagues.

While there is no direct way to share a Shooter Database, it is possible to indirectly share the majority of the information with other Orion users. Caution does need to be taken since the following procedure, if not done carefully, could result in some shooters being added twice to the same Shooter Database.


The following procedure assumes the following:

  • "Club A" wants to share their existing Shooter Database with "Club B."
  • Club A and Club B each have their own copy of Orion.
  • Club A may share part or all of their existing Shooter Database.
  • Club B may input part of all of the information Club A shares.

Steps taken by Club A.

  1. Make sure the information you want to share is up-to-date within the Shooter Database.
  2. Create a new Match. Name the match 'Club A Shooter Database.' In Match Properties, select the applicable rulebook and a 'Training' course of fire. On the 'Categories' tab, select all available fields.
  3. Orion will create the Match and add all of Club A's Favorites to the Match.
  4. Remove any shooter from the Match Competitor's tab that should not be shared with Club B.
  5. Click on the 'Shooter Database' tab.
  6. Select any additional shooter in the Shooter Database that you want to share with Club B. Click the far left column to select the shooter. The shooters will turn blue once selected. Use the Control (Ctrl) key to select multiple shooters.
  7. Right click and select 'Add Shooter to Match.'
  8. The list of shooters on the Match Competitors tab are those shooters that will be shared with Club B.
  9. Close the Orion Match.
  10. Email the newly created Orion Match file to Club B. The Orion match file is the XML Document located in My Documents/My Matches/Club A Shooter Database/

Steps taken by Club B.

  1. Save the Orion Match File that Club A sent on the Orion workstation's hard drive. Open it with Orion by using 'File' and then 'Open.'
  2. On the 'Match Competitors' tab, select the shooters you want to import into your Shooter Database. Be careful not to select any shooters that already exist in the Shooter Database. Select the shooters by clicking on the far left column. The row will turn blue once selected. Use the Control (Ctrl) key to select multiple shooters.
  3. Right click and select 'Add Competitors to Shooter Database.'