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How do I import Shooters and Teams from an existing Orion Match?

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Orion has the capability to import participants from an existing Orion Match. This includes both shooters and teams.

To import:

  1. Open the match to import data into.
  2. Click on 'Match,' then 'Import,' and then 'Participants.'
  3. Select the Orion Match file (an xml file) that contains the data to import.
  4. Click the 'Open' button.

    Orion will import the shooters and teams.

Rules for importing participants from an existing Orion Match file:

  • Orion imports shooters based on competitor number. Every shooter must have a unique one. Orion will not import the shooter if the competitor number already exists.
  • Scores are not imported in this process.
  • Orion will only import category data (e.g. 3 Position Rifle Type) if matching fields exist between the two Orion matches.

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