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How do I move the location of the My Matches directory?

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Understanding the My Matches Directory.

Orion automatically manages a series of directories on the local machine for the purpose of storing match data files and target images. The top of this directory structure is generically known as the "My Matches" directory. Underneath My Matches is a series of directories corresponding to each match that the user creates. An additional directory "DATABASE" stores the Shooter Database.

By default, My Matches is located beneath your Window's My Documents folder. We recommend that My Matches be located on a local hard drive. For most Windows system this is true by default; however, it may be necessary to change the location of the My Matches directory on occasion. The most common reason is if the default location for My Documents is on a network drive.

Changing the Location of My Matches.

  1. Using Windows Explorer create the directory where you want the My Matches folder to reside. In general it is best to store it on a local hard drive.
  2. From within Orion, click on "Tools" and then "My Matches Directory."
  3. You will be prompted to set the new location. Specify the directory you created in step 1 above.