Team Information

Location: Superior, WI

The Superior Junior Rifle Team is an USA Shooting- and National Rifle Association- affiliated youth Shooting program that has been active in promoting Olympic-style shooting in Superior, WI and the surrounding area since the 1950s.

The program participants will learn above all about SAFE shooting and use of a rifle, and are required to demonstrate safe and responsible firearms handling. Shooters will be instructed in firearms mechanics, the basics of rifle shooting, and will have the opportunity to compete in Local, State, and National competitions. Junior members will also be entered into the Winchester Junior Rifle Shooting Qualification program, where they will have the opportunity to earn Marksmanship Qualifications (Certificates and Medals). Shooters will be instructed and supervised by USA Shooting - Certified coaches with several years of shooting and coaching experience in the shooting sports.

The Superior Junior Rifle Team members begin practices each year starting in the fall and shoot and train as a team generally through May. Shooters are instructed and train in smallbore (.22) target rifle shooting, and specifically Olympic-style 3- and 4- position shooting, including rifle shooting basics, fundamentals of shooting positions, and mental training techniques. Shooters are also trained in official courses of fire used in competition, tournament policies and procedures, tournament etiquette and sportsmanship.

The goal of the program is to give shooter the opportunity to take part and compete in local, State and National competitions, and at the same time be considered by others in the sport as a "Complete Competitor". Skills and mindset developed during time with the Rifle Team will be an asset to these athletes in their personal and professional lives as adults as well as providing a strong basis for life-long participating in shooting sports.

Contact Information

Head Coach: Todd Blomfelt

Phone Number: 218.310.9581

Range Information

The Superior Junior Rifle Team and UW-Superior Rifle Club make their home at the recently renovated range on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Superior. This clean, safe, modern facility has been home to four national and dozens of Wisconsin state Junior champion individuals and teams.


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