Team Information

Location: Cheyenne, WY

Laramie County 4-H Shooting Sports offers air rifle, air pistol, 22 rifle, 22 pistol, shotgun, muzzleloader, and archery at three locations (Archer, Pine Bluffs, and Albin) for Laramie County 4-H youth members.

Contact Information

Head Coach: Paul Dey

Phone Number: 307-631-6489

Tansey Sussex

Laramie County 4-H Educator

310 W. 19th St.

Cheyenne, WY 82001


Range Information

Laramie County Shootings Sports Complex with a dedicated air rifle range with 14 firing points.


Recent Results

2017 LE County Shoot_22 Pistol


Gallery Course 60 Shots

Sat, 10 Jun 2017

2017 LE County Shoot_22 Rifle

Smallbore Rifle


Sat, 10 Jun 2017

2017 LE County Shoot_Air Pistol

Air Pistol

40 Standing

03 - 10 Jun 2017

2017 LE County Shoot_Air Rifle

Air Rifle


03 - 10 Jun 2017

Match 25 May 2017

Air Rifle

3x20 (PSK)

Thu, 25 May 2017

2017 Wed Practice Match

Air Rifle


Wed, 24 May 2017

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