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The Orion Scoring System


The Orion Advantage

No comparison in price

Air Rifle with C230

The Orion C230 Air Rifle Bundle is only $1110 and is suitable for most small to medium size ranges. By comparison, traditional electronic targets cost $3800 to $8000 per firing point.


Air Pistol scoirng 5 Shots

Orion routinely scores individual shots with a .10mm or better accuracy. Orion can even score shots when they overlap on the same aiming bull, typically to within .20mm


Orion will typically scan and score a 12 bull air rifle target in about 3 seconds. An entire 60 shot air pistol course, with 1 shot on each target, will get scored in about two minutes with the Canon DR-6010C scanner.


Orion is completely impartial. All shooters are evaluated with the same standard. Using Orion, you know the scores are correct.

Coaching and performance analysis tools.

Shot Group Analysis

Score is only one method to evaluate a shooter, and often a poor measure of a shooter's performance. With Orion's shot group analysis, keen coaches and shooters can identify and fix specific performance and position errors in training.

Orion Scorecards

Orion now supports scannable scorecards. They are designed for disciplines where the target is too big to scan. Instead scorers record the shot values on a fill-in-the-bull scorecard, which is later scaned and scored by Orion.

Integrated online results

Orion is the only scoring system in the world that includes online results. Orion users have their own hosted result page on the Orion Result Center. Scores are automatically posted on the Internet as your match progresses.

Exclusive Virtual Match Technology

Orion is the only scoring system in the world to support Virtual Matches. A Virtual Match allows two or more teams to compete against each other from geographically different locations. Orion scores the targets from each location then uploads the results to the Result Center, where scores are seamlessly merged into a single match.

Easy to learn and use

With Orion's new Auto-Score technology, Orion is easier to use than ever. With a single click of the mouse, Orion will practically do everything you need to run your stat office. Auto-Score will scan, score, and even publish your results online.

Worlds only BB Gun Electronic Scoring System


Orion is the only electronic scoring target in the world that can score BB Gun. You can even include scores from a written test in Orion's BB gun results.

Tracking performance over time


Orion will automatically keep a historical record of your team members' performance. Using Orion's easy to use analysis tools you can see just how well your shooters are progressing.