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Orion's National BB Gun League

Orion's National BB Gun League

Orion's National BB Gun League (The League) is intended to create a bold new competition format, allowing teams from throughout the country to compete virtually in an exciting, spectator-friendly league. The League seeks to simultaneously create a low-cost, yet meaningful national competition for both elite and developing teams. Teams will compete against teams of their own relative skill level in a round-robin style format during the multi-week regular season, with the league culminating in a single-elimination tournament at the end of the season.

League participants will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Lots of awards: All athletes get participation pins and stickers. Medals, banners, and more goes to the top teams in each division.
  • Prove you're the best: The top four teams compete for the league championship in an exciting single-elimination tournament.
  • National competition without travel: Compete virtually, from your home range, against teams from across the country.
  • Timely results: Teams compete weekly, with results updated live on Orion's Result Center.

For more information download the complete National BB Gun League Program


  • Registration Deadline: 19 January 2018

    Registration is closed

  • Pre-Season: 1 through 28 January 2018
  • Coaches Meeting Webinar: Saturday, 20 January at 13:00 EST

    Coaches Meeting Slides

    Coaches Meeting Recording

  • Regular Season: 29 January to 25 March 2018.
    • 7 Games in 8 weeks
  • Post-Season Tournament: 2 April to 22 April 2018.
    • 4 Team single elimination tournament

Major Changes from 2017 Program

  • All games will be scored with decimal (tenth ring scoring). This change is consistent with the switch to decimal scoring for the Daisy National BB Gun Championship.
  • Improved award program, including medals for all team members for the top three teams in each division, and banners for all teams making the postseason tournament.

Post Season Tournament

2018 Champions Division



Avg. Score



Walton County 4-H

6 - 0


Walton County 4-H (2422)

Monroe, GA

Pierre Jr Shooters

5 - 1


Pierre Jr Shooters (8005)

Pierre, SD

Carroll County 4-H

3 - 3


Carroll County 4-H (2316)

Bowden, GA

Lake County Aces

3 - 3


Lake County Aces (3238)

Madison, SD

Lake Houston 4-H

2 - 4


Lake Houston 4-H (8019)

Kingwood, TX

Homestead 4-H

2 - 4


Homestead 4-H Shooting Club (2058)

Beatrice, NE

Forsyth County 4-H

0 - 6


Forsyth County 4-H (2455)

Cumming, GA

2018 Distinguished Division



Avg. Score



Gwinnett Shooting Sports

7 - 0


Gwinnett Shooting Sports (3064)

Sugar Hill, GA

Bend of the River

6 - 1


Bend of the River (2279)

Cookeville, TN

Roaring Rifles

5 - 2


Amos Hays (3163)

Germantown, MD

Lyon County 4-H

4 - 3


Lyon County 4-H Shooting Sports (8016)

Emporia, KS

Morgan County 4-H

3 - 4


Morgan County 4-H (3312)

Madison, GA

Buffalo County 4-H

2 - 5


Buffalo County 4H Shooting Sports Club (2982)

Kearney, NE

NorthWest Shooters

1 - 6


NorthWest Shooters 4-H (3299)

Cypress, TX

Candler County 4-H

0 - 7


Candler County 4-H (2843)

Metter, GA


Each team competes in a seven game, eight week, regular season. Each game is between two teams in the league of relatively equal skill level. The winner of each game is the team with the highest score. A team score is the sum of the top five athlete scores from each game. Each team will shoot a 4x10 course of fire in each game.

During the regular season all eligible team members may participate in each game, with the top five athlete scores counting. Teams are ranked according to their win-loss record within their division. Team with equal win-loss record are ranked by their seasonal average.

Teams compete each week from their home range. Scores from each team will be merged on the Internet using Orion's Virtual Match technology. Results will be listed live online on Orion's Result Center.

Teams are organized into one of two types of divisions. In "Skill-Level" divisions, teams are squadded according to their relative and historic skill levels. The skill-level division names (from highest to lowest), are Champions, Distinguished, Elite, Governor, Leaders, Master, Premier, Sharpshooter, Tops, and Wizards. In "Geographical" divisions, teams that specifically want to compete against each other, regardless of skill level, are squadded into the same division. Its expected, but not necessary, that these teams will all be from the same geographical area (e.g. state of Georgia). The total number of divisions will depend on the number of competing teams.

To create year to year parity within Divisions, teams are squadded into Divisions based on their performance from last year. The Champions Division is made up of the top performing teams from last year's league. It consists of the top four teams from the previous season's Champions Division, and the top two teams from the Distinguished Division. Teams entering the league for the first time, who have exceptional historic scores may be placed in the Champions Division as well. All other Divisions are squadded based on their previous year's seasonal average. New teams will be squadded based on results from well known competitions.

The top two teams from the Champions division are invited to the single-elimination tournament, plus the next two teams with the highest seasonal average, from any division. One key difference in the post season is, each team is limited to only five athletes participating, with all five scores counting. The winner of The League is the winner of the single-elimination tournament.


To help encourage the development of young athletes and recognize top performers, The League seeks to provide as many awards as possible to deserving teams and their team members.

Orion Scoring System will provide participation- and achievement-based awards to athletes participating in The League. Awards may be changed from year-to-year. The following participation and achievement-based awards will be provided to athletes in the 2018 season:

  • Each athlete from each team will receive a participation pin.
  • Each athlete will receive a specially designed league sticker that may be placed on his or her rifle.
  • A league poster for each participating team.
  • Engraved medals for each athlete in each of the top three teams within each division
  • A banner for each of the top three teams within each division.
  • A banner for each team that advances to a post-season tournament.
  • Each athlete who participates in the single-elimination tournament will receive a participation medal unique for the tournament.
  • A plaque for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in each single-elimination tournament; the MVP is defined as the athlete from the team that wins the tournament who has the highest average score throughout the tournament, and who participated in both tournament games.
  • 1500 Orion BB Gun Competition targets for the league champion team.


All athletes and teams eligible under the National Rifle Association BB Gun Rules may compete in Orion's National BB Gun League. This includes age requirement rule 2.3, more specifically, an athlete may compete in the league provided he or she turns 16 after the first day of the Regular Season (29 January 2018). No all star teams may compete. Each athlete may only compete for one team.

Each club may register only one team. All athletes on your team may compete. In each game, the top five scores will count towards the team total.

Additional Information

Download the complete National BB Gun League Program or contact the League Administrator at or +1 703.596.0099.